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Originally Posted by Robert Randolph View Post
Ok, I think this can't be correct:

This is with smart reconcile turned on.

When it's assumed that take 4 is the 'performance', smart reconcile no longer works because it seems act like any take lane with preceding content is the anchor point.

The smart reconcile behaviour, as I understand it so far, is excellent except it fails when there's a take that has a 'pickup' that precedes the other takes.

The only solution I can think of is that the smart reconcile feature needs a way to know what the 'master' is for it to cycle in a manner that is consistent with what constitutes a performance.
Ah, "Take: Activate take under mouse" needs to be updated to use the reconciliation mode -- when selecting take lane 4 on the middle items that lack media in that lane, it should select lane 3.

Side note:

The use case of the reconcilation mode is that you would often start by recording a performance, as the first take. Then, you'd overdub various parts multiple times.

In this case, if you select multiple items and choose a take lane, you'd want to use the media in that lane if available, and if not, use the previous lane that has media (since in that instance the overdub applied in that lane did not modify that item other than adding an empty lane).
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