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Default New Theme: Hybrid Reaper Ableton Live

This is a hybrid theme of Reaper and Ableton Live. Best of both worlds!

Fullscreen theme:

HybridLive is a new theme that utilizes Reaper's four theme and control positions, with the practical Ableton Live workflow and color scheme. The theme's goal is to present a usable workspace that is intuitive and easy on the eyes. Colors are sparingly used, controls are less clunky, and the layout is tightened.

Hybrid Live is useful for laptops and smaller screens. Hybrid Live is particularly useful for LIVE music: DJ's, performers, artists or musicians that perform live in clubs, bars, on the large podium or simply in their bedroom. The dark theme is easy on the eyes, quite intuitive as it utilizes the default reaper control positions (not having to learn a new theme). There is as little distraction as possible, making it great for a rapid production and flawless work flow that is focused on performance and getting things done.

HybridLive is also great for EDM & elektro producers.


The Media Explorer (quick file picker) can be accessed by pressing: Ctrl + Alt + X

Drag and drop audio files into the media explorer folder: click a file, Ctrl + Alt and drag it into a folder. Reaper will automatically save your file!

MIDI can be docked in the docker by dragging the handle and drop it in the docker. Or, in MIDI editor window menu, options, and select "dock window". It can also be permanently docked in the docker through global settings.

Theme page:

Direct download (installs automatically):


Let's see how this marriage between Reaper & Ableton works out.

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