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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
It IS by design (as explained by schwa there). And it does make sense. When you glue audio items, some of which are muted, would you expect them to be unmuted in the glued result? Of course you wouldn't - doing such glue operation will result in only audible items being glued, and those that are muted will be silent (as expected). This is just MIDI following the same line of thought.

Also Justin isn't the one doing the MIDI side of the things, for the greater part, it's schwa.

Well thankfully it can be worked around with scripts, so...
I still disagree. What is the purpose of muting anyway? Why not just delete all notes you want to be silent to begin with? Why even use muting?

Obviously if you have any purpose to use a mute function this isn't something you want the software to decide for you if that mute state will be preserved AS YOU designated it. You want to decide that yourself (i.e. whether or not to preserve muted notes) and that includes before and after a gluing function.

I glue clips ALL the time in the process of joining sections of work together and I DO want to preserve muted notes for possible future use even after gluing. Without the workaround this would be a serious problem for me. It's not something I've used in the past but I plan to use it in the future based on some new uses for muted notes I have.

As to the point of Justin not handling MIDI development personally, that reinforces my point. I wish he personally was more aware/motivated to develop and understand the MIDI and sequencing side of his product. I feel it wouldn't be in the partially formed (and bug filled) state it lingers in for years if he was more involved.
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