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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
I don't disagree, however the analysis is limited in what it can produce -- each frequency bin is about 43Hz wide, so there's no real distinction between 10Hz and 40Hz for the purposes of spectral peaks. Sorry, live with it (until we all have 10x more processing power, in which case we can increase the resolution a bit, some day).
Thanks for the explanation Justin. No problem with that at all. Sub frequencies tend to stand out pretty well just by observing the waveform anyway.

Originally Posted by Justin View Post
I should mention: I understand the impulse to go FR crazy with this -- there are tons of great suggestions here -- but for purposes of getting this functionality finished, we're really going to focus on making sure the core of it is as stable and generally useful as possible, providing a ReaScript API, and then later on we'll add more features.
No problem there either. In fact, this feature is already immensely useful and very usable. As you can probably tell, I'm quite excited about it and really appreciate the fact that REAPER is progressing in such a continuous manner. I'm constantly amazed by your continued enthusiasm and work ethic (these releases are coming as most people have holidays!!!)
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