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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
It think stuff outside human hearing shouldn't be a color, ex: <20Hz black > 20kHz White.
Great idea! +1.

In fact, I kind of have the upper range set that way right now. I'm working on a new album with lots of analog synths and analog sequencer parts and the spectral display is showing anything with pink and white noise (used in sequences for percussive FX) as white (or very light grey) and it is much more than just a pretty display. It actually helps heaps with arranging and "seeing" what a certain part of the song sounds like.

Here's a screen shot (My spectral colours are red for LF to blue for Mid/High F).
First part (track 1) is a bass sequence on Roland SH09.

Second part (track 3) is an arpeggio part on Roland Juno 6. You can see the LFO modulation opening and closing the filter here. As it opens, the white noise generator produces a percussive effect which shows as light grey in the spectrum and, as it closes slightly, just the notes without the noise get through.

Third and fourth parts are stereo outputs 1 & 2 from my Yamaha SY77. The patch here has a bright attack with lots of top end (showing light grey again) which rolls off as the chords are sustained (these are high chords which show as blue).

Click image for full resolution:
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