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Default Spectral Peaks Discussion

Since this new feature (which I love BTW) is bound to progress over a number of pre-releases, I figured it might be worth giving it its own topic here so suggestions don't get lost in old pre threads.

To kick off, here's a copy of some of my suggestions from the 5.32pre2 topic. Chime in with yours as you are inspired.


Originally Posted by plush2 View Post
# spectral peaks: low end of color spectrum is now 40Hz
IMHO, this would be much more useful if it could go right down to DC.
If that range was combined with the option to specify frequency bands within the overall spectrum and assign certain colour ranges to those bands, this would be extremely useful for instantly spotting subsonic frequencies such as low end wind noise, mic stand bumps, plosives in vocals and other things.

Edit - For example: 0Hz - 15Hz range = Red to Orange, 16Hz - 50Hz = Orange to Yellow, 51Hz - 500Hz = Yellow to Green, 501Hz - 3.15KHz = Green to Blue, 3.16KHz - 20KHz = Blue to Aqua.
I've massively simplified this and haven't put much thought into the bands but this is just a quick illustration to show assigning colours to (sometimes vastly) differing bandwidths.


One more suggestion regarding the colour selection in the Peak Display Settings window, would it be possible to implement a user definable colour map something along the lines of the Photoshop custom gradient editor?
Each of the little coloured boxes can be double clicked to open a colour picker and they can be slid along the gradient to position them. More colour boxes can be added to the gradient by single clicking.


A couple more quick things regarding the Peak Display Settings window:

* It is VERY small on my screen and the font is very hard to read. I actually had to use the Windows magnifier to make out what the text either side of the spectrum actually said!
Perhaps it could be made resizable like ReaEQ which would also make for much easier spectrum editing (hint, hint)

* This is just a personal preference but perhaps the default spectrum colours could match the colour temperature scale. For example, cold (LF) = red through to hot (HF) = blue.
Coming from a physics, electronics, video and photography background, this just seems logical to me.
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