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Originally Posted by insub View Post
Thanks, BJORG. I'll look into this when I get the chance. I wasn't aware of this particular JS. It looks like there's been some development of it recently. I'll consider the usage of this JS when I review a procedure. Unless, of course, you'd like to recommend a procedure using this JS?
It's pretty easy. Just insert this JS in your master track and keep it open while you play your project. You get the values online. The first one is IL LUFS, which is the one we care I guess.

In my project from the October contest you can see it in action. There I inserted it in the first track which is called Pre-Master. But in the effect folder from the October contest is an old version. Meanwhile you can download V2.3 from the thread I posted above.

The JS is working similar to the VST-Plugin dpMeterII, also from TB Pro Audio. Same measuring just a different look. Check it out:
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