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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
Okay, thanks again Karbo, here's another question. I don't see anything about LUFS, only LKFS, is that the same thing?
Yep, same thing. Also, I was using the 'reconstructed peak' as the *true peak reading aka the 0.5 peak requirement in the contest. The bottom skinny meter is the one we want for loudness (Integrated) on the Meters real-time tab, on the Analysis tab where you load files, bottom of the window has those same details so shoot for -14 LUFS/LUKS with a "Highest Reconstructed Peak Level" of -0.5.

Once you have that going you can use something like JS: Event Horizon (if needed) to set a -0.5 maximum level then adjust other params to get to -14 LUFs and you should be good.

*If memory doesn't fail me "True Peak" simply means it calculates intersample peaks - so it should be fine to use that in our -0.5 dBFS requirement AFAIK.
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