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Just to touch base (bass) with y'all....

I am finally getting to mixing this cool tune. I'll admit, I've become more set in my ways with my comfort zone tools than I ever thought I'd have to admit. So besides getting the time to start the mix, I am having a harder time getting the mix to where my ears want to hear it.

I will have a decent mix I think, but as a disclaimer of sorts, I am approaching this pretty straight-forward (I would even with my own tools) and am not trying to make anything besides what I hear it as: a simple but awesome indie-rock tune. In fact, I am most likely doing it strict "LCR" mixing. So don't expect wild panning, synchronized delays, etc. Don't get me wrong, I bet that some of you can do some things that I wouldn't even dream of! There's so much talent on this forum! But my main hold-up is my own curmudgeon-ness at not being able to work as fast with the Reaper tools (which is ludicrous because the Reaper tools are simple but powerful and my normal set of things are difficult and sometime a pain in the butt...but I am used to them...ha ha) So....I should be able to meet the deadline....

I am not fading the ending,in response to Todd's question to Karbo? What did you mean by "like the original"? Did you actually listen to the "real" mix of this song?? Ha ha, I refuse to listen to the original or any of the "contest" mixes. I do these things as if the band hired me to mix their song. To each their own. Cheers!
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