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Originally Posted by insub View Post
Probably not most efficient way, but I've just been making a render and measuring it with the extension. Then adjusting my limiter settings and making a new render. I'm away from the house, so can't give any better description at the moment. When the RMS meter just tickles the bottom of the shared area on the MASTER seems to be pretty close.
I settled on EBU R128/BS.1770. It's easier IMHO to get reasonably close ITB then render and open in Orban. Reason being is that Orban loads the file and does the analysis offline so I don't have to wait for the song to play through each time. Which means a small adjustment if needed can be rendered and evaluated faster than playing through in real time. I'm assuming using extensions or other tools are the same difference.

Here's where I am now. I'm less versed than I should be with LUFs because I typically hate most commercial limiting ratios and mix as what I think sounds best. I'm a little confused with an LRA of 3.7, if I drop the limiting/compression, I get the same LRA which goes against what I *thought* LRA was which was the average DR calculated by omitting the bottom 10% and top 5%.

I'm guessing that I'm not limiting enough so that middle 85% is affected so it doesn't get reflected in the LRA? Either way that number, notwithstanding experience with it that I don't have, seems a little low visually. Again, maybe that is because I'm more used to DR (TT-DR) where the bottom 10% and top 5% are included in the average and uses a much smaller window. Meaning to be fair, my ears sort tell me there is only about 4 dB there so there is that.

The other cool thing about Orban is you can load file after file into a list and just compare them.
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