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Originally Posted by noise_construct View Post
You're a smart fellow, but you're pretty deep into the cult and it somehow fogs your vision.

Every user who ever reports a bug is genuinely interested, compared to dozens or hundreds or thousands of those who encounter the same bug, but

a) know it's pointless
b) don't care
c) switch DAW

Cockos is no different from MS, Steinbeg, Adobe or Avid. Commercial enterprises. Do you think Adobe expect their users to keep bug logs for them, or compile lists of neglected bug reports?
Saw you quoted and took you off my ignore list specifically to comment on this.

I for one dont give a damn what other users want/need/etc., I am more than happy to accept that someone has gone to the trouble of creating and maintaining a central repository for bugs in a specific area and that the devs are happy to use it.
Pragmatically, since you are still here and evidently still using Reaper, YOU are equally "deep in the cult" as you choose to describe it.
The phrase "dont bite the hand that feeds you" comes to mind.

Any enterprise always succeeds better by looking after the customers it has got and trying to retain them than worrying over those who try the product and move on.

Interestingly on the couple of occassions I have lifted you off my ignore list recently, I notice you have accidentally started posting a fair bit of decent advice and polite comment in with all the bile and vitriol. Scary!
"What a dick comment. I'm gonna make sure to avoid your name." Dicks other than Trump can speak????
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