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Hey zvukofor,

is it possible that the mixer in lemur auto scrolls to the selected channel if I select it in reaper via the mouse?

The visibility change is not bi-directional atm.
In other words, If I select a track via Binder it will auto scroll to the track visually in reaper if the track is out of sight.
But if I select a track in reaper that is out of sight on Binder I have to manually scroll to the track.

Originally Posted by zvukofor View Post
I'm not giving up at all, i just imagine how much greater this controller could be, both in terms of useability and appearance, if it was a dedicated app, without Lemur restrictions.

But, it wasn't this great as it is if not Lemur with it's scripting abilities too. )

Canvas is not such a great feature, IMO, more gimmick, less may be helpful in some areas, but not at all in DAW controllers, for example. Everyone would be much happier if Liine improved faders and knobs possibilities and appearance, for example.

TouchOSC is much, much simpler, yet it have some nice features and just looks nice.

Anyhow, Binder-2 is almost here, only need to write small user's manual/how-to. And, as i promised - it is now possible to have specially designed interfaces for selected track's plugins!

As you can see in attached images - there are a custom interface for Toneboosters Buscompressor, and a "plugin browser" on a second image. Yes, now i can mix without looking at computer creen, using ears as much as you can is a main goal of these DAW interfaces.

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