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Originally Posted by zvukofor View Post
Back to topic: has anyone checked a beta of Binder2? What do you think of it? Any suggestions?
I only had a chance to try it quickly, I really like where you are heading with it, being able to remote control reaper and not even see the computer screen, awesome!
I did not import the actions yet, I only played with the receives.

On the receives - this is difficult for me to use - the controls (knobs) are too small (to coarse) for me and labels are difficult to see. I have the ipad on a mic stand near me, while I am playing guitar or bass, and a bandmate suddenly turns up too loud/ or gets too quiet. I need to, quickly, fade them up/down a small amount and get back to my instrument. Also, when I am tracking I mute the master, and just feed audio out to headphones with the cue buss tracks. So those are the only ones I really need to see, during that phase of recording.

I included a screenshot of my, ugly, touchosc cue mix I hacked together. It only has 2 cuemix tracks (one for vocals and one for instruments). I will try to get a better screenshot of it in action on the ipad.
Labels are overlayed on each fader. Easy to see, easy to touch, unfortunately, the faders are not fine control. I like the fader switches you have for relative/touch (I am not using the correct terms). Mine works but I would rather use binder, especially with all that you have included.

Any chance of adding receives on it's own page?

Maybe I need to do that... I suppose I have to start somewhere, however, binder is very complex and it's difficult for me to understand your structure. I don't even know how to add a page yet. I guess I will be spending some time with the manual today.

I am looking forward to see what region/marker controls you have going in binder, perhaps I can test more today.
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