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Originally Posted by gembez View Post

Just installed Binder and it's beautiful! Noticed a couple of things:

There seems to be a discrepancy between Binder and the DAW at times. I noticed it with Diva. When I turn a knob on Binder, the position of the knob matches Diva in Reaper, but the value of the knob doesn't update completely (e.g. I completely open the cut off and knob shows it, but the number read 145 instead of 150. Until I click on the knob in Reaper and it updates). Is it a problem with Binder or is it an updating/latency issue on my side?

Also, is it possible to have a CC page/function as well? I find it a lot easier to draw CC automation on the glass rather than with the mouse.

Thanks again!
It is known bug in Reaper OSC implementation, AFAIK, that sometimes numeric parameters do not display correct numbers, but knobs works as it intended.

Well, i can make one more page for MIDI CC knobs, but you can do it by yourself too, it is pretty easy.
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