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Default Release v1.1.3 made today

Hi all,

A new release has been made available with a few OSC client fixes and desk mappings.

This release contains a fix for scribble strip updates, making the 'Show Values, Show Names' etc. buttons usable. The wait time to return to default after an update has also been reduced, making them feel more responsive.
When Reaper sends a 'hail mary' of text when a project loads, there is now a trap to ensure this 'spam' does not clog up the traffic flow, while still storing the values for later display.
In addition, many new Reaper.OSC mappings have been created to enable more buttons and functions being available via the desk. OSC addresses that send text strings have also been mapped wherever possible.
This release also lights up some of the Bus VU meters with OSC addresses for MASTER VU, so 2 channels are now shown from the master. The 2 additional scribble strips have been located and mapped to various text addresses, experimentally. These sometimes show up when region names/numbers or markers are encountered.
If you are using ReaControl24 please give this release a try and please feed back here or as github issues.

There are more changes in the pipeline too to help assist with the setup process by providing clearer instructions, and logging files to more sensible areas. Stay Tuned!

Edit: Just a reminder, as this release has a new Reaper.OSC file, you have to copy that into your reaper OSC directory!

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