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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
My goal is to promote Reaper as a tool for live musicians, and if possible provide the most easy tools to set this up.

As you see, Pipe and I are working on finding the most easy to use solution, even while Pipe already has succeeded in doing a decently working setup (as shown in his videos). We do think that this is worth the torture.

This aims as well to guitarists, as to keyboarders, as to those wanting to do "live loop programming" (even though I don't have any idea whatsoever of this third issue). But of course it's necessary to find a whole group of supporters for these ideas to make it viable.

That is why supposedly at first we need to find a decent place where to discuss that stuff. At best this would be a dedicated "Reaper Live" subforum here. If that happens, you hopefully will find a toolbox that fits your needs there, including documentation and the necessary support to get it going.

No rush guys, just showing interest in getting my head around it once you are happy with your endeavours -
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