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thanks for the suggestions but none did anything here. some are irrelevant as they require the clip to be in a track and i'm trying to preview in the media explorer. in the media explorer there is nothing below the waveform save 'playtime/file length' and 'filename.'

all of the bpm/tempo-matching is kind of martian to me as i don't do music, per se. never once used such settings in all the years i've had reaper. if any of these workarounds that employ such do work for me, it will likely be the only thing i'll ever use such a setting for. that said, it seems understandable that users, most of whom are musicians, would assume an understanding of such settings which i, obviously, have had little use for.

one question, are these suggestions assuming the media will be placed in a track before previewing? that's what i'm trying to avoid.

thanks again,
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