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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
That's why I said there probably was no need for you (and most anyone else here) to have interest in it... It's nothing to do with music. I only chimed in because Cyrano said it was something windows like you can only run scripts on but that's inaccurate. MinWin is a hint as to the root of all this which goes years back which was breaking all the links between the GUI and bottom of the OS...
"The basic MinWin in Windows 7 is comprised of about 161 files, whose total footprint on disk is about 28 MB. Before you go thinking you could carry that around in the cheapest thumb drive you've got, realize that MinWin doesn't even issue a command prompt. It runs the kernel, basic system services, and the TCP/IP stack, and that's it."

We need that with a nice xfce desktop. Somebody code that so I can start using Lexicon's MPX Native Reverb with it's nasty iLok DRM again.
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