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We agree that we disagree:

I think we agree that the free "Core" version does not provide a standard Windows GUI API. Neither on X64 nor on ARM
Also we agree that you can do a kind of GUI with other means than using the standard Windows GUI API, using Core as well on X86 as on ARM.

I juist claim to have read (back then) that you con use the standard Windowe GUI API with the payed version Of Windows 10 IoT for X64 (which supposedly is what once had been the Windows "embedded" distribution that was a standard distribution with the ability to strip off everything you don't need). Hence standard Windows programs should be runnable.

I don't claim to know anything at all about the payed version for ARM, nor do I have any intention (up til now) to do any development with same (or with the payed version on X64).

Also I am not interested in doing UWP. I'd either use Linux (for new projects) or would stick to the Windows GUI API (with whatever OS) when porting legacy programs, currently running on standard Windows boxes. (or use no GUI whatsoever).

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