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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
My resrach at that timed yielded (regarding X64 hardware):
The free version only could run command-line type of programs, that don't use the GUI API. (We tested this)

The payed for version can run normal Windows programs. (We did not test this.)

I'm talking about Windows IoT for ARM (free) for which I have actual GUIs running on since 2015 (screen shots in DIY thread in lounge).

You might want to mention the exact product you are discussing so we are on the same page since as I said earlier, the terms "core" and "IoT" have been munged as of late but nevertheless anything in this thread about Windows 10 IoT is for the ARM version which allows GUI apps - all others are irrelevant.

Are you at all familiar with the process of deploying a UWP app with GUI to Win10 IoT ARM? If so, what steps did you use?. You are probably conflating versions best I can tell but here we're talking about Win10 IoT ARM for Pi3 or are conflating Win32 apps with UWP apps.
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