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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
It's more industry and automation based IMHO and for Pi it's more utilitarian. I do like the remote management features meaning I can have one deployed in the house and compile/debug/publish my app to it over my WiFi's internal network. I can't think of any particular reason you'd need it per se.

I use as much Angular on Electron lately though. Which will deploy to Windows, Linux, Pi (Debian) and Mac. For me, the platform I use usually comes down to what I'm going to be dealing with and I'm the most familiar with.... based on whatever it is I need to do - sometimes it's none of those and C on an ESP8266 or Arduino instead. Depends on the need.
Kind of what I was thinking it was. I could prolly write apps to do stuff like poll thermal sensors every x number of seconds, and if above or below some threshold, do whatever the next thing is, or read RFID scanners and tell me how many jewelry items have been stolen from this particular show case.

For REAPER though, I'd run Raspbian with the tweaks I linked in an earlier post. Using xfce on it seems more nimble on my Pi 3 B+, but takes some steps to get running. With or without the xfce desktop the solid milled aluminum heatsink enclosure I use gets pretty warm, so I know it's getting a workout. It's one of these.

Edit: I wonder if the stuttering issue mentioned in an earlier post might be a thermal CPU throttling issue.

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