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Originally Posted by BlessedOne72 View Post
So did you record to a external USB-drive (flash-stick, etc.) ?
C'os I'm having drop-outs every 5 secs recording to the SD-card a single track at a time .
Only record monitoring enabled and no realtime fx at all . Still even the click is unstable .

I'm on Ubuntu Mate, for now ... As a matter of fact, the whole OS is extremely sluggish ...
even web browsing (though I'm using Midori) and in general so I'm looking for alts.

What about this ;

Can it be used for DAW-tasks or is it just for fx-processing ?

My audio-interface is a Zoom G2Nu and I'm using ALSA, Jack fails on REAPER !?!

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Modep is a very cool project, but it is only for Guitar FX processing. You need to look at the NON DAW project, Reaper, or Waveform projects since they are designed to run with the Rpi.
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