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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
On the SDHC card I setup for use with REAPER, I used Raspbian, but found a post on another forum how to switch it's desktop to xfce.

I also made the same tweaks to user priority and memory use as on my desktop. To test it I temporarily plugged my Behringer UMC1820 into the Pi, and did a quick test recording four drum tracks in a single take along with some guitar and bass. It's sloppy coz my phones weren't loud enough for drums, but it did prove the concept of using a Pi to do multi-track recording.
So did you record to a external USB-drive (flash-stick, etc.) ?
C'os I'm having drop-outs every 5 secs recording to the SD-card a single track at a time .
Only record monitoring enabled and no realtime fx at all . Still even the click is unstable .

I'm on Ubuntu Mate, for now ... As a matter of fact, the whole OS is extremely sluggish ...
even web browsing (though I'm using Midori) and in general so I'm looking for alts.

What about this ;

Can it be used for DAW-tasks or is it just for fx-processing ?

My audio-interface is a Zoom G2Nu and I'm using ALSA, Jack fails on REAPER !?!

- zERGEi -
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