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Default Any way to insert a tempo marker on tap tempo?

Not quite a live performance question, but very close.

I'm recording jam/writing sessions into a single project, and would like tap tempo to insert a tempo marker (at the play/record head position) instead of changing the global project settings.

Ideally what I'd like is:
1. Tap tempo on my Helix to insert a Tempo marker based on the newly tapped tempo. I've had my Helix control tap tempo before via MIDI, so I know that part is possible...but is there an action, or setting to have tap tempo change insert a tempo marker?
2. Marker inserted whenever the transport is put into record+play
3. Region created when the transport is put into record+pause. Ideally the region would have some unique colour so it's easily identified when reviewing the material afterwards.

If you have any other tips/tricks for this sort of "single project - multiple song" workflow I am all ears!!

Feel free to move this to an appropriate forum if this isn't the right spot. I tried Tips/Tricks, but no joy there.
RME TotalMixFX Actions for Reaper here:
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