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Default LV2 output channel mapping error (FIXED)

Custom routing done to the first 2 output channels of an LV2 plugin: those settings are saved. Reload the project, the custom setting is recalled as expected.

Custom routing for any output beyond the first 2 outputs (outputs 3+): the custom routing information is saved, but when reloading the project, the default channel mapping is also restored for those channels. This leads to a duplication in mapping anything beyond output channels 1-2.

This of course needs to be tested with an LV2 plugin that has more than 2 outputs.

I'm using Reaper for Linux x86_64, Manjaro 21.0.7, and this problem was confirmed by someone else running Ubuntu 20.04.

DrumGizmo has 16 outputs.

LSP "Multi-Sampler x12 DirectOut" has 12 outputs.

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