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Ah yes, the Wixsite editor makes it easier to copy, and there are too many things for my brain to change... Will fix ASAP. Handy for you to find it though!

To me the font on the screen cap looks ok. Might not show up that well on a non-retina though. Iíll see if a thicker font would suit.

The speaker icons calculate their positions from several parameters, which are calculated at plugin load and at mouse click. Do the sliders keep their place, just the icons jump when you switch back to Reaper? If so, the icons likely had their positions calculated wrong when switching to Reaper, and when focusing on the plugin it gets all the parameters and calculates them correctly. I spent way much time with them bloody icons already, I just needed to leave them like that and move on... But if they donít go to their actual original and intended positions, something else is going on and needs to be fixed. Could you check if this is the case?

I donít mind sharing that Iíve been working on a Sky v2.0 (less artifacts, cleaner graphics, and a ZL mode), a virtual guitar amp, and a special new plugin. The guitar amp is already what I prefer for jamming at home, weíll see how it turns out!

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The link on the page is for Routter at the moment. (Copying/pasting HTML files and then editing them? I've done the same thing...) I pasted "stereopposition" as the final part of the URL and it brought me to the page.

Ok I just gave it a quick test, and it sounds cool! Two things:

1) The font displays so thin (on Linux) that it's a bit hard to read. See attached image (that's 1:1)

2) I see the speaker icon thingies resetting themselves when playback starts, like the settings I dial in won't "stick". It happens when I use the "uniwide" to rotate the speakers. Sometimes if I click away from the plugin and then click back to the plugin (while playback is active) it'll do that too.

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