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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
About that "graphics glitch" in MotherComp: it's not just that the display isn't updating when a preset is loaded. Sometimes it doesn't change the settings until I double click on the Mother Comp title area.
MotherComp 1.11 released!
Issues fixed:
- Precise adjustments not saved/loaded with project.
- Internal compressor parameters not loading/updating properly in some situations.
- Left side sliders not loading until clicking any slider/control.
- Character slider value box location sometimes not following the slider.
- Compressor parameters at very low Density and Character slider settings updated.
- Transitioning to a proper updating scheme; this version doesn't have a new filename.

JamesPeters (and anyone), please let me know if there are any issues left!

Edit: Oh wait, now I got it, JamesPeters was talking about actual stored presets. I'll tackle that one right now.
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