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Default Temp files in temp dirs

Hello again, PhunkyG here with a quick ReaControl update.

Firstly, thanks to everyone getting involved over at github! Sorry for being slow moving on the issues you've reported, IRL activity is at a peak right now but I'm hoping to devote some extra time here soon.

A couple of things are going on: Testing for Pro Control support is starting up in the branch DEV_OtherDevices. It is early days right now but hey, any movement is good right

For anyone that has the problem of getting started up because folder rights for logging cause problems, there is a pending fix in branch DEV_TempFiles. This moves all logging to somewhere within the default TEMP directory of the platform. This needs a good testing before being merged down so anyone willing to give that a spin would be helping out a lot!

I see prices of these devices on eBay etc. continue to climb. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not but a big Hi to anyone that just acquired one and is looking for Reaper compatibility!
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