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Originally Posted by Lazloos View Post
hi phunkyg, thanks for the feedback! I figured out that the problem was as you suggested: the default device being detected was the npcap loopback adapter not the ethernet adapter.


since it is using the ip from the loopback adapter. now everything works.

it would be great if the Pro Control support could continue evolving. happy to help out in any way.

*does a little snoopy dance*

Thanks for the feedback about the loopback adapter. That makes sense now. I couldn't work out why the average windows machine would have some funky adapter type. Seems we added it ourselves!

Edit: In terms of helping out on the Pro Control support, as you get into using your device with Pro Control, can you make some notes on what works and what doesn't, and how you think it *should* work?
I have seen pictures and diagrams of that surface but I can't figure out how the limited number of scribble strips and the strange matrix pad should function.
It will probably make a lot more sense to you as you are used to it!
My plan is to clone the oscclient python file into a new one for pro control, then start to change it accordingly.
Eventually I'll get some sort of sensing and launching sorted out, but for now this would give us somewhere to work from.
Now you're in github, let's take all this over there. You'll see there is a card for Pro Control support in the project section, but you could also log issues. Perhaps just log one 'big' issue at the moment to collect your notes in, then we can review it?

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