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Originally Posted by Lazloos View Post
Is there a solution for this error? I am trying to set it up on windows and I get this same error
Hi Lazloos,

The workaround for this would be to supply the command line parameter that specifies the adapter to use.
For some reason, on some people's systems, the adapter chosen by default is not a correct type. This might be because some other (strange) adapter type exists.

To get to the bottom of this, could you run the command with the --help command line switch and PM me the results?
This will display your list of adapters, you can now specify which one you want to use on the command line.

Edit: A little more info...

To get the list of adapters for Windows, this registry key is queried:


I am thinking that more than "Ethernet, Token Ring" etc. appear in this list. We're only really interested in Ethernet so I am looking at how it might be possible to filter these out.
Unfortunately I don't have a Windows system with any examples! I'm hoping either one of you can show me what they look like so I can program a filter.

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