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Originally Posted by ernzo View Post
Nice one!

With everything it's got behind,
it almost converges to be like a 3D version of the good old "Analog Default 1.8"

You could even borrow the Yellow coloring of the "FX" button,
and the Red from the Mute/Rec, or Dark Red from the Markers..

It would better match the yellow main toolbar and Loop buttons.

-The 3D effect of Tracks is nicely done.
But I think the track's Gold/Gray color fade could be a little bit more subtle,
it stands out a bit, so it could draw the attention from the actual stems/items.

-I like the Transport bar, clear and tidy.
However I'm not sure about the Loop button and other loop/rate controls being on the left,
perhaps it cramps the area a little bit visually.

-I like the brighter coloring of the items, and background track space (where stems/items are placed),
but I prefeer the Round edge shaping of items/stems rather than the blocky one.

But hey, what do I know right!

In any case it's a great theme
way to go!
Thanks! And thanks for the link to Default Analog. I kept seeing screenshots, but couldn't find the original versions. I kept finding versions that seemed completely different.

I like the rounded edges on the stems, too. That's how the 3.0 theme is that I've used forever, so not sure if 5.0 has that option, but I'll check.

I also plan to rearrange the transport. It will be a great way to get my hands dirty with WALTER, especially since Lucas' coding is well laid out. For now, I have it docked at the bottom to keep the play button clear of any fx windows and such.

Ah, the mute buttons. Yep, the "on" colors are overwhelming. I had tried some 3D buttons, but they were too 3D, and ended up just using the factory buttons from the session layout. I'll fiddle around and work on those.

As for the track panels themselves, it will just take some practice as I am no Michelangelo.
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