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Nice one!

With everything it's got behind,
it almost converges to be like a 3D version of the good old "Analog Default 1.8"

You could even borrow the Yellow coloring of the "FX" button,
and the Red from the Mute/Rec, or Dark Red from the Markers..

It would better match the yellow main toolbar and Loop buttons.

-The 3D effect of Tracks is nicely done.
But I think the track's Gold/Gray color fade could be a little bit more subtle,
it stands out a bit, so it could draw the attention from the actual stems/items.

-I like the Transport bar, clear and tidy.
However I'm not sure about the Loop button and other loop/rate controls being on the left,
perhaps it cramps the area a little bit visually.

-I like the brighter coloring of the items, and background track space (where stems/items are placed),
but I prefeer the Round edge shaping of items/stems rather than the blocky one.

But hey, what do I know right!

In any case it's a great theme
way to go!
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