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@Lucas_LCS: Wow, thanks for checking it out and the positive feedback. Your themes were a HUGE inspiration for having a go. I will also update to include White Tie in the credits, so thanks for the heads up. I don't want to step on anyone's hard work when all I can do atm is cut and paste their code to a jumbled up rtconfig file.

The default style themes work the best for my setup, so I look forward to your LCS Blue revision because that theme is KILLER. In fact, I was actually hoping for that!

Talk about a crash course in Gimp, pink lines, and the dreaded rtconfig. It was nice to open up yours to see everything neat and tidy vs the continuous string of text in the original. Is there a "tidy" version of the original somewhere, or are we on our own for that one?

As for the image, I don't think I had enough posts or something when I tried (I had used the [IMG] method), so thanks for posting it. I should probably resize them in the future!
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