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Default REAPER 5 Highlights Guide

Below is a summary list of the main new features of REAPER 5. For a full list, see the REAPER changelog.

All the features listed below are documented in the new REAPER 5 User Guide, which is now available.
- VST3 plug-ins now supported.
- Transport Bar layout changed.
- Metronome: beat patterns can be configured by the user. Option to play Metronome thru Monitor FX.
- Preserve PDC delayed monitoring in recorded items.
- Media Explorer: New chapter added. New features include buttons added to navigate browsing history; new option to play previewed item thru selected track; options to show selected file in explorer/finder; option to toggle search in subfolders/current folders only; option to toggle search in folder names/supported media only.
- Auto naming multiple new tracks.
- VCA track parameter grouping.
- Creating smart FX folders.
- JS FX display options.
- Propagate items to similar items on same track/all tracks.
- Time/tempo signature markers: more settings, including metronome pattern.
- Propagate takes to similar takes on same track/all tracks.
- New default theme: theme element customization now moved to Action List.
- Parameter learn available for per-take FX, record input FX and monitoring FX.
- MIDI editor: Option to assign note names to all channels or channel 1 only.
- Options to show/hide markers, regions and/or tempo/time sig markers in piano roll.
- Scripts can now be written and imported in EEL or Lua as well as Python.
- User created toolbars: up to 16 general and 8 MIDI now available.
- The Toolbar docker.
- Adding FX comments.
- Automation: Option to use amplitude scaling or fader scaling on volume envelopes.
- Automation of item take FX parameters.
- Phase setting for LFO parameter modulation can now be user defined.
- Managing FX parameters from the Project Bay
- New chapter: Using REAPER with Video. Many new features including video FX.
- Rendering a video project.
- New vertical envelope editing options.
- More information about VST compatibility preferences.
- Slaving REAPER to a software MIDI sequencer.

You can download the free full PDF User Guide here:

And/or purchase a spiral bound hard copy here:

(Until the end of August, the price will be frozen at the old price )

Enjoy! (I do )
Learning Manuals and Reaper Books
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