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Ok here's another post you're going to love reading...

That previous graphics issue with SonnyComp is now resolved. However:
  • When adding the plugin, "60" appears at the top left for a couple seconds (against a black background) and then the UI loads. This isn't bad but I'm not sure you'd intended this behavior.
  • At 0.25x size, after grabbing and moving the attack/release/ratio/density sliders, sometimes they "bounce back" to where they were before once you release the slider. Upon further testing it seems the hit detection for the slider knob graphic is a bit off to the left of where it should be (you have to grab the control slightly to the left side and then you can move it reliably). This doesn't happen with MotherComp.
  • 0.5x size is large enough on my screen, and I imagine 1.0x is probably as large as anyone would need this plugin at least until 8k screens are available. You can probably remove anything below 0.25x and anything above 1.0x. I can't even seem to resize this to 1.0x on my screen. For that matter, neither can I do that with MotherComp. 0.5x is the largest they'll scale at 1920*1200 (with lots of extra space around the UI, but the plugin won't resize any larger).

Besides all that, I like the sound of SonnyComp. It has similar character to MotherComp but it's more obvious/aggressive. It takes around 43% of the CPU of MotherComp on my system (when the plugin window isn't visible).
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