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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
Thanks for continuing to update the plugin!
In my mind these are not ready until bugs this obvious have been sorted. As is blatantly obvious by now, I really do need help from you guys to do that!

MotherComp resizes past the boundary of the plugin window.
I've been fighting the issue of displaying the plugins properly on both retina and non-retina displays. With your precise description I hope version 1.14 finally got it right.

The second issue: Depending on what the last setting of the left fader was prior to changing presets, that "state" will remain
This is a design feature. I wanted it to save the snapshot as well. Actually the Styles list should've saved as well, but now it does also.

the graphics around that fader are "ghosted" as in the picture I attached.
Thanks, fixed.

I also notice no difference in CPU/GPU since the previous update.
There was actually a huge issue when using multiple instances: 2 instances used more than twice the resources (in macOS Activity Monitor) of a single instance. As I started to hunt the issue down, I decided to make...

A lower CPU/GPU version of the MotherComp: Announcing The

SonnyComp 1.0

- All the MotherComp features with a slightly lower carbon footprint.
- A bit more fisty sound, which in my mind suits well as multiple instances as a single-instrument channel compressor.

And the fixed MotherComp 1.14 is available as well.

The AirWindows Density was both one of the inspirations and benchmarks when developing the Sky. His plugins must be a marvellous compilation of plugin code examples. Didn't know they were open source!

But. I have just started learning to code in any language. I'm not a coder, I am (was) a sound engineer. I'm just barely starting to learn the steps required to create roughly what I want from a plugin. The idea of learning a new coding language sounds like climbing Mount Everest in a wheelchair. Twice. At the same time.

I do know though that if I ever get to doing that, I might be able to create something pretty cool...
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