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Originally Posted by adXok View Post
Then the question is, how is Reaper going to implement such "standards" especially with VR (virtual reality) knocking on the door?
I don't think Reaper has to implement any of it. There are so many great tools out there from Companies, Institutes/Universities, and 3D Audio dudes, with a lot of knowledge of spatial audio. Reaper already is one of the most famous DAWs when it comes to 3D audio, as it supports up to 64 channels per bus. In contrast, Logic only supports up to 8 (afaik) which is not even second order Ambisonics (which needs 9).

However, one thing which would be nice is playback of 360 video, combined with VR headsets. Not sure if its already supported in Reaper?

Originally Posted by ReaDave View Post
My apologies for that, especially considering how quickly you replied to me. I truly am enthusiastic about your work!

I have the latest updates of your plugins now and will be installing and testing a few things later today.

Great demo by the way! I actually really like your room plugin and have used it on one of the tracks on the new album I'm working on.
No worries, take your time! By the way with the AllRADecoder you can now create your own Decoder very easily Looking forward to getting your feedback! And of course to listening to your new album

Originally Posted by skippertag View Post
Does anybody have experiences with that plugin suite that I've discovered just yesterday?
Actually, I have a lot of experience with it ;-)
It's free, supports up to 7th order, and you can combine it with every plug-in which also uses the AmbiX convention (e.g. Blue Ripple plugins, Facebook FB360 suite, AmbiX suite obviously, Peter Stitt's plugins, and many many more).

If you have any specific questions, please, feel free to ask
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