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I know what your talking about -- I spent a good few month setuping a workflow to mix in Amibsonic, 3-D, etc.

It sure was interesting and fun.

However, as fun as it was, I concluded that as long I don't actually have a 3d listening environment (i.e. speakers all around me, including below and above) I was getting caught up in something bigger than my capacities. Distracting?

I also used Foobar and setup ReaDave's headphone mixing protocol - which I still use here and there.

I may come back to it, but in the end I concluded that it was keeping me back as far learning the basic mixing skills - especially taking full advantage of the spacial elements of normal stereo mixing (e.g. reverb, delay, EQ, panning, etc.).

Also, while I know that Pink Floyd were experimenting with quadraphonic and other 3d elements in their lives shows, I can't help but remind myself of all the friggin awesome listening experiences I've had throughout the years listening to their songs using normal regular everyday headphones. I sure wish I could mix my songs to recreate the Pink Floyd sonic experience...
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