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Default Aux track (Sistered) template WALTER'ed

Started an interesting experiment tonite, stepping into WALTER really for the first time.

This is a basically a WALTERED up version of the basic parts of my 'Sistered' Busses Track templates.

(Sistering is passing through alternate channels of a folder or buss track before going into the effect track in order to control post fader sends with the group fader)

Look closely at what would be track 24 and 25, the ones labeled AUX.

Each "Aux" track is actually 2 tracks. with no shading or border between. This isn't a layout you'd call up on one track, this would basically just be part of a track template.

The first track sends prefade 1/2 into the next, Parent send turned off. The Next track has the effect, Reaverb in this case. So to send to the reverb, you just can just simply drag to either half. But draggin to the left half, where I have the extended mixer sends visible makes the most sense.

This can simply work well as an Effect track template with prefade metering. it would make sense to have all the extended mixer parts on one side or the other in that case.

THe split extended mixer comes in handy for 'Sistered Bus" setups

If there is anything you need to 'Sister' you need to send to the left half only on 3/4 or 5/6 etc. Then it goes into the parent group bus (on 3/4) before sending to ch. 1/2 of the right half. (watch your channel assignments!)

One good thing about this setup is that the send names are what you expect. (or at least it is AUX X in this case, you can name it what you want) It gets very confusing if you pass through the parent buss directly.

For metering I was working with it after this screen shot and had the left side metering multichannel, this gives you a good indication that you have special routing going on. (If you want a true stereo pre FX metering, you'll need to insert a plugin that can mix the signals down to stereo - this would just be for the metering only as the parent send is turned off and the send to the effect is pre fade.)

I'm not sure where to go from here. I think this could use some tweaking. I'm not happy with the IO of the left side. (I'm thinking I'll move this down into the lighter grey area. to give it seperation from the right I/O)

Is it possible to somehow have that Pan knob extend over the left border of the second half so that it looks centered? doesn't seem so.

Another option would be to have a knob for volume on the left, this would act as pre-fader gain - if you switch the send to be post fade.

Right now selecting one half looks a little strange, I may play around with that.

And the AUX font is terrible.. lol. sorry. I just hacked an A on one side and the UX on the other. What is the font that REAPER uses for the track id #? not sure where to find that.

other than that does anyone have any ideas?

Would anyone use this????????

would be more than happy to share after tweaking. Along with the track templates, if anyone is interested.
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