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Originally Posted by drillbit View Post
This is now my default, but with this update you are heading the wrong way. What happened to the dark mixer. I was digging the concept of darker mixing areas and light working area. Now the difference between the mixer and working areas is less. Pleeease do a dark mixer and 1.1 brightness working area.

Thanks.. warm is good.
Have you tried the desaturate option in Layouts > Mixer Panel? It also makes it a bit darker.

If by 1.1 brightness working area are you referring to the track control panel, then you can use it in 1.2 by making the following steps:

1. download this file - - and rename it to "tcp_bg.png"

2. rename the Default_Analog_v1.2.ThemeZip to Default_Analog_v1.2.Theme.Zip. Extract the zip, and make sure the Default_Analog_v1.2_unpacked folder and the Default_Analog_v1.2_unpacked.ReaperTheme file are in the "ColorThemes folder"

3. Enter the Default_Analog_v1.2_unpacked folder and make a folder named "v1.1-brightness"

4. Copy the downloaded tcp_bg.png file into "v1.1-brightness" subfolder in Default_Analog_v1.2_unpacked folder

5. Open rtconfig.txt and add the following code (after any "EndLayout" instruction):

Layout "- v1.1 brightness" "v1.1-brightness"
clear tcp.*
set tcp.volume tcp.volume

6. Save it, change the theme to "Default_Analog_v1.2_unpacked" and go to Options > Layouts > Track Panel > - v1.1 brightness. Now you should have the v1.1 Brightness and v1.2 tweaks.

7. Make some warm, happy music

The black mixer version.. i overwrote it by mistake when copying the folders and i will have to start it over. I will do it again, but right now i got frustrated on finding theme elements (still searching for the settings to change the arrangement window track colors). Hopefully someone will reply to this thread and i will get over it.

Thank you, warm is good for me too

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