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Originally Posted by MCCY View Post
see attached images... even in the first picture the measure is not 4/4... when changing length of the second note it becomes more obvious... Such things are quite important when working with notation in school with pupils...

Ah. This is the overlapping note issue. The measure is 4/4, but your overlapping notes are not being notated together. What you're probably expecting to see, with notes in these positions, is that the half note is notated as an eighth note tied to a chord that consists of a dotted quarter (the remainder of the original half note) and the standalone eighth note.

At present, overlapping notes are not notated together if the longer note completely encloses the shorter note, as is the case in your examples. There have been users asking for both ways of displaying overlapping notes, and we may provide some options to handle different preferences, but I think we will need to have overlapping notes notated together by default, which will make your notes display as you expect. Somebody who doesn't want overlapping notes notated together can always manually change the voice for some notes to notate them separately (with rests in each voice, as appropriate).
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