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Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
Such features would lean strongly toward 'sheet music publishing' instead of 'sequencing workflow'. Given that Schwa has limited time to code everything, I suggest that it may be more optimal to:
1) Let REAPER's MIDI features focus on sequencing workflow.
2) Add a good export functionality for MusicXML, so that sheet music can be polished and perfected in Musescore, Sibelius or Finale.
We're going to propose features and Schwa, who knows the coding side of things, will assess them to determine whether an apparently easy feature might take a week's work, or a seemingly massive request could be relatively trivial to implement. My own opinion is that I see little value in us artificially imposing limitations or distinctions like that in advance - the normal process of feature request, assessment and then rejection or implementation will do just fine in shaping what this will become.
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