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Default ARA-Tempo-Mapping with the Beatles


I am trying to import the tempomap from a variable-speed audio file from melodyne to reaper. But I do not get a good fit between the reaper-metronome and the audio-file. I am not sure wether this should be possible in reaper already - maybe I do something wrong.

Since I am not experienced with tempo-things in reaper I thougt it might make sense to post an example that everyone can try. I chose a song of the famous live performance of the beatles in the ed sullivan show that has quite some tempo-variation. It is available on youtube:

It can be downloaded as mp3 here:

I chose "Time" as Timebase for items/envelopes markers in Project settings. Then I drop the audio file to an arbitrary position on a track and let melodyne analyze it in polyphone mode.

The metronome in melodyne perfectly matches the audio. It can be activated on the top right in the melodyne tempo-editor. Melodyne has to be started by double click on the melodyne-ruler to make the click audible.

When I chose the reaper option "ARA: Import into project: Tempo" a tempomap that looks suitable is created in reaper. But the click does not match the audio.

The Studio One / ARA - videos on youtube indicate, that no manual offset etc. should be necessary when tempo is imported via ARA.

Am I doing something wrong or is this not fully implemented in reaper at the moment?

I use reaper597pre2 and melodyne4.2.1

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