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Originally Posted by unanamis View Post
You were right Glennbo, cras was still taking over something! It took a while, but we figured it out on Linux Musicians:

Apparently I needed to filter ALSA to my hardware:,-JACK)

For those of you wanting to make your chromebook a DAW (it doesn't matter what version of Ubuntu you have I've found out), you have to make a file with contents,

> .asoundrc
xdg-open .asoundrc

and then put the contents found on ... LSA,-JACK)

# ~/.asoundrc
# overrides default alsa settings
# To revert back to CRAS, change "type hw" with "type cras". You do not have to change "card".

pcm.!default {
type hw
card UMC1820

ctl.!default {
type hw
card UMC1820
into the mousepad window, but once I did that, it worked!

REAPER was slower on start up, but I could use ALSA as an audio device and have multiple inputs.

The final process I needed to do was click "view" on my user file manager and then hit "Show hidden files" so that I could click ".asoundcr" and rewrite the code to use cras again. Wahoo! Finally an answer to this two month problem!
Very cool! Glad you got it working and documented here what it took to get there.

The overrides you did are beyond my level of expertise. Jack Winter had me messing around with that file trying to combine two M-Audio PCI cards I used to use, but then I got the UMC1820 and quit messing with it.
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