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On that page it says you can install 18.04 by default, and gives examples of other distros/versions with instructions how to do that. Did it not work with "-r focal" as part of the command (for 20.04)? Given that the instructions there are from 2019 the author wouldn't have known about 20.04 (focal), but using those guidelines, it seems as though it would've been possible. Use CTRL+F on that page for "specify a different Ubuntu version" and read that paragraph and the example below it. If 18.04 (at least) didn't show as an officially-supported distro at that point, I might have tried looking for another option that was more recent.

Anyway I noticed something else. That page by default guides you how to install it while enabling encryption. Depending on what you're doing in the OS, the encryption might give you some hurdles to overcome. It might be part of your issues.

I don't know what that error message means about the "key". I've never seen that before. I could guess it has to do with encryption...although I could be totally wrong.
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