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Originally Posted by richie43 View Post
I have checked out your old reviews already! I was just messing with you. And congrats working for a company that you already supported! Good for you.
Lol no worries, sometimes you can't tell. Some people jump down my throat for being a fan of IK!

Originally Posted by thequietroom View Post
1 Prominy sr5 bass
2 superior 2 (
3 reaeq
4 reacomp
5 miraslov philharmonic

looks like im printing fx from the pod hd

Actually this would cover a lot of FX capability since there are native FX in superior and miraslav not to mention the podhd

Or you could always just get EZmix 2... would that only count as 1 VST?
Miroslav is the bees knees!
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