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One thing to take note of, and something I hardly ever see even hinted at in forums, comes from taking apart neves that rupert himself had teched on in the field

A lot of these neve clones and customs have builds that are perfectly faithful to the shop plans and schematics that these guys left the factory with, but that's not the end of the story

In many cases, from the lowly Kelso all the way up to the 8068 modules, the ones he had been out to work on, or had consulted on, well after purchase, had bypass caps in a LOT of the cap locations. I am not claiming that these bypass caps were the reason for the variety of claims about these mic pres, where some people say they have a singing high end and yet others say they sound like a wet blanket on top of them, but I can claim that whenever I had two modules of similar build and vintage, the modules with bypassed caps almost always tested flatter, all the way up to WAY up (at least in the non-transformer output amps), and I mean like 50khz way up, with a trade off that they were usually slightly noisier, and by slightly I mean slightly
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