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Strategic update: It looks like I might be moving interstate shortly which means I will be packing up my studio and moving that too. This is both a daunting thing for me and an exciting prospect. Daunting due to the enormity of the task ahead but exciting because it is an opportunity to look for a much more practical studio space.

The reason I mention this is because along with the move will come greater opportunity to work on studio expansions and more custom projects like this one.

If anyone is interested, I have already started working on my own design for a hardware opto compressor. I will be designing the circuit completely from scratch and it will incorporate a few of my own concepts with tried and tested ideas including a custom soft clipping circuit, transformer balanced inputs and outputs, class A circuit design and selectable modern/vintage opto characteristics.
I am also looking at adding hpf/lpf on the key input, external key control and stereo/multichannel linking options.

I'm at the design concept stage right now and, depending on the timing of my move, I hope to start breadboarding some physical circuit designs soon.
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