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Hi Dannii,

I looked at the SCA stuff for myself a while ago but concluded that with the chassis and power supply, shipping to Australia would not be worth the freight. I have almost no experience with building hardware, so I put it on hold for myself.

Knowing that you might be able to advise on an Aust. supplier for an appropriate chassis and power supply makes me very tempted again!

I'd probably be more interested in a couple of APIs at the moment - or maybe one Neve and one API. I'm currently using a couple of GA Projects Pre73s, which I am quite happy with for my needs.

Does anyone have any experience with Pre73s vs SCA Neves?

IME the Pre73 is amazing for the price, and they do get me a lovely sound. I would guess that the SCA Neves might be a little closer to the original, but that might not make too much difference for my real-world use.

Do you have your eye on any other SCA flavours? Most of my work is done with multi-tracking/overdubs, so I would benefit more from a rack of mixed pres (1 or 2 each of different flavours), rather than a bunch of the same.

I'm in Sydney.

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