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Originally Posted by pixeltarian View Post
i vote neve. this may or may not be because I already have a pair of 312s...

I also am thinking...

I think that Dani should build herself one and no one else. then AFTER she knows what's involved she can then determine some logistics that you just can't predict unless you actually do it.
Whatever comes to pass as a result of this topic, I fully intend on building myself a two channel Neve clone and I will certainly post the progress and results here.

To be honest, I have found a workaround to significantly reduce the cost of shipping so I am still seriously contemplating the SCA option.
Given that the estimate so far for the components for our non SCA version would be around $250 not including any unforeseen omissions, the SCA option comes with everything already sourced and by far the best PCB layout I have seen. Seriously, the SCA PCB layout is BETTER than the genuine Neve article and the cost is only around $50 more than our non SCA estimate. To be honest, it would cost me that in time and other resources just to gather the components.

Having said all that, we can still do a full custom chassis and power supply and use the SCA kits with that option. The cost would be very similar for both SCA kits and non SCA builds. Given the quality of the SCA kits, I am SERIOUSLY leaning that way for my build.
I may also still seriously contemplate purchasing the full SCA chassis and PSU for my build too. I am VERY impressed with their products and their customer response so far (I have been in communication with Tim and he is super fast with his responses).
If I do go this route, I'll probably end up adding a couple of API modules to my build too.

Obi, I could build you two SCA modules OR two of our custom modules for roughly the same price and it would be less than $1000 but you'd need to supply the power supply and chassis. Either way, you're relying on my experience for the build quality of the final product and that is something I can say will be top notch. As I've mentioned, I will document my own build here first if nobody else steps up initially. I am more than happy to offer this as a confidence booster for others.
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